What Vine Stars Are Saying About the Short-Form Video Platform Shutting Down

What Vine Stars Are Saying About the Short-Form Video Platform Shutting Down

No longer can we, as a society, "do it for the Vine."

On Thursday, Twitter announced it would soon be "discontinuing" the mobile app for Vine. Vine provided a wealth of hilarious six-second loops, often involving sports or highlighting political protests in a time before we all had livestreaming capabilities in our pockets.

But all that's over now.

And that's leaving thousands of highly creative digital influencers without an outlet.

"The creators who will be most damaged by this move are those who were too late to push off-platform," said Taylor Nikolai, creator and owner of the @FunnyVines Twitter account and CEO of Viral Spark, a social media consulting company.

Nikolai said @FunnyVines helped propel stars like Logan Paul and Jerome Jarr to internet fame by posting their Vines early on.

"Viners who failed to cross-pollinate, and instead put all their eggs in one basket, will feel the biggest impact," said Nikolai.

Vines themselves grew beyond the platform. Oftentimes, their popularity would grow on Twitter and spawn other memes and trends, according to Nikolai.

Logan Paul, in a interview with CNBC, also indicated creators who got their start on Vine had grown beyond the platform.

"All the Vine creators, we knew our home, the place we started on was slowly reaching a plateau," he said. "I felt like it was sort of inevitable at a certain point." 

"I believe Twitter will fully integrate Vine-making resources into Twitter," said Nikolai. "It's not so much the platform [Vine] that got traction, but the content type. Six-second looping videos allotted the ability to generate bite-sized content that could easily be accessed and shared."

Collab, a digital talent network and entertainment studio, helps creators monetize their videos and overall product. Their roster of talent has amassed millions of followers across many platforms, but Vine was especially represented.

"We're grateful for the opportunities that Vine has provided for Collab and our creators," the company said in a statement, "and have always been amazed by the talent and creativity on the platform."

For people who were starting to grow on Vine, the hope is they can build that kind of following elsewhere.

"Collab's mission remains to provide resources and opportunities to help creators make a living, doing what they love to do," the company also said.

"Vine shutting down is a huge detriment to social media," said Nikolai. "That being said, it was inevitable, and many have seen this coming for a long time."

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