The Famous David Carson Ted Talk

One of our true design hero’s here at Konnect the Famous David Carson’s Ted Talk. Worth a quick look and a laugh 🙂

Well Let’s Give it a Go

So in a world of bits n bytes iPhones and tweets where is print going? 
Who knows But as the great David Carson’s ground breaking (believe that hype) book ‘The End of Print’ is on its 5th edition I think prints future is unashamedly bright.
And that’s what this blog is about. Positivity in print and creativity in general. So let’s have some fun and get inspired 🙂
So some people get design and some think comic sans is ok – we live and let live (we can still poke fun) but if you really want to see what print, design and human communication is about then checkout the aforementioned David Carson’s Ted Talk ’nuff said…