Start 2013 Right! The Five Best Marketing Ideas

1.  Focus Your Advertising On Your Most Profitable Clients.  

 How valuable are each of your customers? Many companies are surprised to find that a small percentage of their clients represent the majority of their profits. The top 5 percent of your customers may bring in 50% of your profits, or more. Customers at the bottom may actually be costing you money.

 The key is to find which clients or type of clients are the most profitable, and to use your companies advertising budget to go after them. Don’t spend your time, effort, and money to bring in unprofitable clients.

 You want to allocate your companies advertising budget according to how profitable each group of customers is. If one group represents 50% of your profits, then you should be spending 50% of your companies advertising budget on them.

 2.  Make High Quality Presentations To The Most Profitable Clients – Repeatedly.

 Once you know what group of customers or prospects are the most profitable, direct your companies advertising to them on a regular basis. The key to success with your companies advertising is to build recognition and trust over time. Identify the profitable prospects, and stay in contact with them.

 3.  To Win Business From A Very Strong Competitor, Position Your Company As The Logical, Second Choice To That Competitor.

 When a customer is happy with their current service provider, [and you believe that you can’t win the business], position your company as the second choice in the market. While your other competitors are making big promises and saying negative things about the strong competitor, you are praising them. After all, the client is happy.

 When the client needs a backup or a replacement, you are perfectly positioned to take the business. The way to win the big jobs is to win the small ones first, and do great work.  

And – stay in contact. Don’t leave the field because they didn’t give you the business. This is a long-term marketing strategy, and it works.

 4.  Keep Your Existing Clients Happy. Aim Your Advertising At Them. Ask For Feedback And Referrals. Follow Up And Stay In Contact. 

Your existing customers are your best prospects. They are loyal, and they know how you do business. They buy more, and they cost you less. Customer retention is the most important thing any business can do. Advertise to your existing customers first.

 5.  Consistent Advertising = Familiarity = Trust = Customers.  Be Consistent.

People will only do business with you if they trust you. Remember this: trust takes time. Create a strong company advertising program within a sustainable budget and stick to it. Your companies’ name will become familiar to the prospect, and you will get the business. There are no shortcuts to building trust.  

Why Marketing Fails

 Marketing is a process that every business must conduct. But if management lacks the necessary commitment to the marketing plan, it is sure to fail.

 If clear objectives and goals are not set, and a sustainable company advertising budget is not committed, marketing will fail. Unrealistic expectations will doom your efforts. Poor research, planning, and targeting will kill your marketing. And if management thinks that marketing [and selling] are unimportant or undignified, the program is destined to fall short of success.